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Lauren Faraino

Lauren attended Harvard University and the University of Chicago Law School. Following law school she worked as an Associate at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen and Katz in New York. She returned to Alabama in 2019. While working in finance in Birmingham, she took on Nathaniel Woods’s case pro bono during his final appeals. After Nathaniel’s execution, Lauren turned her attention to criminal justice reform full-time, founding the Woods Foundation.


Shaun "Swift Justice" Traywick

Shaun is the Director of Strategy for The Woods Foundation. A longtime advocate for confined citizens across the country, Swift knows the Alabama Department of Corrections inside and out. In 2009, Swift Justice was convicted and sentenced to fifty years. He has used his time to help build a resistance movement to modern-day slavery. Swift Justice advocates for positive change within the prison system in America, with a focus on Alabama. Swift has helped to expose many horrendous acts committed by ADOC and 8th Amendment violations. For his role in exposing corruption and organizing labor strikes, Swift has spent a total of six years in solitary confinement. Swift founded Unheard Voices of the Concrete Jungle. He maintains a podcast called radicAL with Lauren Faraino, alongside participating in interviews, international articles, podcasts, and radio shows. 

Nathaniel Woods

Nathaniel Woods was convicted of capital murder for the killings of three police officers in Birmingham, Alabama. Though he didn’t pull the trigger, Nathaniel was accused by the state of being an accomplice to the shooter and sentenced to death. Despite widespread opposition to his conviction and sentence, Nathaniel was executed in 2020.


Nathaniel’s case was the subject of the 2021 New York Times documentary To Live and Die in Alabama, which was nominated for an Emmy.

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