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Passionate about criminal justice and advocating for the rights of those condemned by the US injustice system? Want to gain experience working as part of a small but impactful nonprofit? Then you may want to consider volunteering with the Woods Foundation.


There are currently no volunteering vacancies.

Watch this space for opportunities to volunteer with the Woods Foundation in the future.


Maryam Guerreb, Harvard University, volunteer (2021-2022)

“I began working with the Woods Foundation nine months ago and have absolutely loved my experience thus far! I have worked both virtually and in-person with the organization and both experiences have been truly amazing. I was thrown into the work from day one; I had the opportunity to write news articles, conduct legal research, interview clients, help draft motions, and advocate for change - all with a direct and tangible impact on the people we serve. I also had the flexibility to tackle a few side projects that were of interest to me! The other individuals I have worked with at the Foundation were incredibly driven, passionate about the work, and overall fantastic human beings. I have learned a tremendous amount in the few months that I have worked at the Woods Foundation and would recommend anyone who is considering joining this organization to do so!”

Cade Williams, Harvard University, volunteer (2021)

“I was a volunteer for the Woods Foundation in the winter and spring of 2021. During my time at the foundation, I helped analyze court transcripts and other documents related to the foundation’s cases and also conducted background research on involved prosecutors, attorneys, and police departments to determine whether our clients had been given fair trials. Too often, the cases I analyzed were full of blatant misconduct on nearly all sides. More than anything, the Woods Foundation is an organization that seeks to provide real justice to people who have been wrongly incarcerated and attempt to restore the lives that have been taken from them by a deeply flawed punitive system. I am proud of the work I did for the Woods Foundation and proud of the work the organization continues to do today.”


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